Tuesday, March 30, 2010

:: Making Lasting Impressions::

"Making Lasting Impressions" is the motto I used under my company name on my old website. It's a motto that has always stuck with me from Day 1, of the start of Élan Image Consulting & Élan Brides. I am so glad that it is the motto I chose as well the one I practice. It is truly rewarding to make great impressions.

A client that I met and worked with 6 months into to starting my company called me a few weeks ago. She had kept my card for almost 2 yrs and called to ask me would I be available to provide makeup services for her engagement pictures.

Of course, I was elated that a previous client called me but I was more ecstatic that the client was someone whom I met when I was not fully seasoned in my artistry. When you practice leaving people with positive lasting impressions and when the time comes, they will remember you, your advice, and/or your product or service. That is the impressions I strive to leave with all my clients.

Below are a few photos from her engagement session. Hope you enjoy!



Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Friday:: Non-Traditional Bride::

With bridal season almost in full bloom I have been extremely busy with Weddings, Bridal trial sessions and my everyday clients. But last week during a trial session I met my first Non-traditional bride and I must say I ♥ her.

From her choice for makeup (before & after coming soon) and her bridal wear I was truly outdone. Not only did I get the chance to provide makeup services for her, but I also got the chance to help her find a beautiful headpiece and a pair of “to die for” pumps to complete her wedding day look. I must say this is going to be one of my favorite inspirational weddings this season. She truly is an authentic bride who has a flare for fashion. See below for a stylish, chic, bridal look!

Would love to hear your thoughts, feedback or any comments….

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review: Givenchy Phenomen' Eyes Mascara

We all know when it comes to makeup mascara is a girl's best friend! Now I've had my favorites to include my obsession with Dior "Blackout": but I must say that I have found a new obsession. I have been meaning to try this mascara but have not had the opportunity. But it was given to me as a gift recently and I must say that the Givenchy Phenomen Eyes is by far the most precise, lengthening mascara I have ever tried. The spherical applicator coats every lash no matter what shape the eyes are.

This mascara is perfect for short sparse lashes that need extra precision and lash-boosting power. It has a rich jet-black color that makes the eyes pop. It does take a little longer to apply than most mascara's due to the brush shape but it is so worth the time. I know its a little pricey retailing at $28 but it s so worth every pretty penny! Givenchy has lived up to its claim on this one: it truly is a revolutionary high-precision application. I highly recommend Givenchy's Phenomen Eyes Mascara for your Cosmetic Collection.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fashion Friday's:: FENDI ~ Tulle-embellished suede sandals

With spring and summer quickly approaching my show fetishism is banging at my door..  I know these are a pricey number but I couldn't help falling in love with them:

The heel measures 6.5 inches with a 1.5 inch platform. These Fendi sandals retail for $1,195 have a nude sheer tulle leg ties and ruffle detail at toe, a designer-logo-embossed leather insole and fasten with a buckle at ankle. Pair them with a some nude seperates for your spring and summer wardrobe and you will be sure to be stepping in style. Check out Ashley Olsen wearing them at the Elle Style Awards.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lip Color: How to Determine My Skin Tone and What Lip Colors are Right for Me

Observe the color of your nail bed (or any place the sun never shines). Does the tone tend to appear more reddish-orange, reddish-blue, pinkish-blue, peachy or yellowish? Once that's determined, you'll have a benchmark for your natural tone. The colors that will look most organic against your skin are the colors you find in your skin. Conversely, the colors that will create vibrancy are those that contrast.
In most cases you will be naturally drawn to colors that flatter you. If you're going for a subtle look, stay within the realm of you natural tones or punch it up slightly by layering colors, for more depth, or by adding neutral highlights for shine.

1)    Choose a color that complements the natural shade of your lips and skin. Plums, wines and deep reds flatter a dark skin tone, while light-brown beiges with pink or orange undertones complement a lighter skin tone. Olive skin looks good with brownish reds, light browns and raisin shades of lipstick.
2)    Keep colors lighter for daytime and darker for night. Matte and cream finishes offer a subtler daytime look, while a high-gloss finish adds glamour for evening. A sheer, natural-looking color with a little shine also works well for day.
3)    Create your own shade by combining colors. If the shades you find don't completely satisfy you, mix your own color. The easiest way to do this is by applying each color to your lips with a lip brush, then blending with the brush on your lips.
4)    Opt for a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick and in the same color family.

  • Try a colored gloss or lip tint for a sheer hint of lip color.
  • Buy the colors that look good on you not the one that looks good in the tube.
  • Deep or bold lip color complements light eye makeup, while light or nude lipstick flatters heavy eye makeup.