Tuesday, March 30, 2010

:: Making Lasting Impressions::

"Making Lasting Impressions" is the motto I used under my company name on my old website. It's a motto that has always stuck with me from Day 1, of the start of Élan Image Consulting & Élan Brides. I am so glad that it is the motto I chose as well the one I practice. It is truly rewarding to make great impressions.

A client that I met and worked with 6 months into to starting my company called me a few weeks ago. She had kept my card for almost 2 yrs and called to ask me would I be available to provide makeup services for her engagement pictures.

Of course, I was elated that a previous client called me but I was more ecstatic that the client was someone whom I met when I was not fully seasoned in my artistry. When you practice leaving people with positive lasting impressions and when the time comes, they will remember you, your advice, and/or your product or service. That is the impressions I strive to leave with all my clients.

Below are a few photos from her engagement session. Hope you enjoy!



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